Atom he streamer

Is there someone using the atom he as a pre streamer with an ext amplifier?
I think that the missed possibility of using it as a transport it is an issue but i don t know what is the sq compared to the nd5xs2 streamer
Waiting for opinions

I’m waiting to hear about that too. Naim have said they’ve used it with the NAP 250 DR with good effect and I believe a poster is waiting for his HE so he can try it too.
I’m hoping that Naim provides a compatible amplifier that supports balanced XLR inputs.
Meanwhile I’ve compared the streamer/DAC input to the headphone amp with my ND555/NAC 552. I used A/V out of my preamp using RCA cables to drive the headphone section.
The Atom HE did quite well vs. the world class 555/552 combination.
It takes 7 boxes in my system to do what an Atom HE plus amp will do.


I should have read the title more thoroughly, I thought it was about the regular Atom, hence my first post, which I just deleted. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I didn’t compared it and I auditioned it really fastly I’d have to audition it seriously however it impressed me a lot. I don’t know what’s in the naim future anyhow I fell that we ll see new amps with the new driver technology implemented in sn3

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There is already a lengthy thread on the new Atom HE.
I’m sure there is some comments about use with actives or ext amplifiers.

Perhaps Focal will bring out a suitable pair of active speakers to work well with the Atom HE

Since a few days I use the Atom HE as a preamp in combination with my NAP 100, replacing my Unitiqute2, a set where I was very happy with the last 7 years. The HE is connected with the NAP 100 using a RCA-RCA connection. I changed nothing else in my setup and from a cold start was already a clear improvement. But is stil improving and sounds already fabulous. Timing, grip, stage and atmosphere is wonderful, in short very musical and fun!
I use Tidal, a NAS and USB stick as (familiar) sources.
Thx Naim!

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Thank you! You appear to be the first to report on the Forum the results of using the Atom HE as a preamp.
Now that the NAP 100 has been discontinued, I’m curious to see if there is a replacement that supports XLR inputs.

That should be great if it happens. The HE offers upgrade possibilities, what also was a reason for my purchase. But sofar the HE exceeds my expectations, so I’m not in a hurry to purchase a other amp. My dealer ordered a RCA-DIN cable for me so I’m curious how that wil improve/changes the sound.

Naim have already said that they have no current plans to develop a matching power amp, so don’t hold your breath. If they do, they may or may not see any point in adding balanced inputs. After nearly half a century of designing power amps, you’d think they would have done it by now if they thought it made them sound better.

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