Atom he sudden lip sync problem

Sound is delayed about 1s so delaying it further, which are the available options on tv and atom will not solve it. Worked perfectly till today. Using tv out spdif into digitals 2 and 3, same problem. Same problem with regular tv, netflix,nas.
Muso 2 plays in sync all sources with same cable/tv, so it’s definitely the atom.
Does somebody know if this is a known issue?



Edit: Disregard the following, I see now that it is fine with the Mu-so. Leaving it here as a cautionary tale :slight_smile:

Long shot, but you didn’t happen to enable some picture “enhancers” in the TV’s picture settings? They inevitably add delay to the image.

(Drove me mad once because the settings can differ per TV input, and one of them had something inadvertently enabled. So it would be fine on broadcast TV, then I’d switch to the fireTV and lipsync would be off, so I’d adjust it. Only for it to be “suddenly” wrong when I returned to broadcast. Took me ages to figure that one out :rage:)

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No known issue. Have you tried a full power cycle/restart on your Atom?

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Yes I did, and please don’t answer at this time of the day, makes me feel guilty :pleading_face:


Thanks for your answer
Err…yes. I did change something. I installed the chromecast dongle on Sunday. We saw a movie through that and adjusted the picture mode to other colour settings. Movie was in sync.
But that would not explain how using muso as soundbar through the same spdif cable solves the thing no matter the tv input I use… am I right?
Plus the tv stores different picture settings per source.

Yes, I think the Mu-so being OK rules out my initial instinct. If it were the picture settings, it should be the same

And color changes should not be problematic. I meant “enhancer” filters that need processing power, like those that try to smooth out movements and things like that (and invariably make it worse)

Should I contact support so that they can track it?



Yes please - if you email and link to this Forum thread, they’ll know where to start.

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I recently had a lip sync issue with my Sony TV and B&W soundbar.
Rebooting the TV (disconnected the power cord for 5 minutes) resolved the problem.
It might be worth a try if you haven’t tried it.

I tried but kept happening. Swiitching the spdif to the muso worked fine, so I think issue is atom not tv.

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