Atom HE to 250 DR cable?

Has anyone had such a cable made up, or an adapter to allow the standard or SL var of the Naim cable to connect their HE to their 250?

And would connecting to the phono or XLR outputs make any difference - the HE being balanced, the 250 not.

Thanks for any / advice/ thoughts.


Go single ended - the NAP250 is not balanced.


The cable that comes with the 250 as standard would work, as it is phono to a single XLR.

Cable supplied with 250 DR is 4 pin Din to XLR, not phono.

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Ah, as I got one with my 250, I assumed it was standard. Thanks for putting me right.

Chord should be able to make one.

If you go ahead and do this, Iā€™d be interested in how it sounds, please!

I had a Chord Epic made in the right configuration. It sounds, well, epic.

I upgraded to this setup so cannot compare to other setups with the 250 DR, but to my ears it sounds incredible.

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