Atom HE with power amp and speakers

A question for the Atom HE owners. Although the unit is primarily a headphone amplifier it also has pre-outs for an power amp and speakers or just active speakers and some reviews mention this. I would be interested to hear owners views. If it works well it might be a good way to go for a small system and the Atom could be traded in eventually if/when the 272 replacement appears

I’m waiting to see if Naim delivers a replacement for the discontinued NAP100. At the moment, it appears that powered speakers are the only option.
I’d like to see more than 40 watts and an upgraded interface to match the Atom HE.

Has anyone actually taken delivery of one yet?

I can only say that adding a power amp to my Atom (an old chrome bumper 250) improves everything and is a fine basis for a system


Thanks for the replies so far. Active speakers may be the neatest option but I would be interested in using my existing Naim power amp and ATC standmounts


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