Atom headphone audio config

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i bought an atom headphone connected to my xs2 av bypass, in the configuration page there is max out volume option for preamp, what is the purpose of it and when need to be used?
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I have a conventional Atom and with that the max volume setting does what it says on the tin. I use it in part because it means that the rotary volume control allows more rotation for the same volume change which I find makes it easier to use. But it’s main role is surely to prevent problems caused by accidentally playing at excessive volume. In my main system I was playing via bluetooth from my phone, when the phone’s side button got accidentally held down and the volume shot up to max. Fortunately, all that happened was temporary deafness on my part, but it could potentially have taken out a driver. I’d have thought this was a useful function particularly if you’re using the Atom HE with headphones.


ok if i understand it,s might be a safe for excessive level input like bluetooth and it can affect the output level for headphone, so to be safe is it better to set it a bit decreased or stay max out?

You can set it to the max volume that you will ever use (plus some headroom to account for particularly silent recordings). Naim says that it does not affect sound quality

ok sounds good
thank you

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