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Hi all

I’m currently looking at the Atom Headphone Edition and am wondering

  • if I could use my Final Audio Pandora Hope 4 headphones, as its impedance is very low at 8 ohms, while according to Atom HE specs, it should be at least 16 ohms. I also have a Sennheiser HD 600 which I’m sure would be fine, as would be the Focal Elear (without a doubt).
  • how it would go along with my Totem kin play active speakers (connecting with cinch/RCA)

On a different note, ever since I bought my first Naim, a Muso Qb, I fell in love with Radio Paradise; thanks a ton Naim for introducing me to this fantastic channel! As Internet radio streams seem to be limited to mp3 320kb, more than anything, I would love if Naim streamers featured a “native” Radio Paradise app, which would allow FLAC streaming, along with song skipping and playing favourites, etc.

Your insight is much appreciated.


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With the new Mu-sos, Unitis, and streamers, and of course the Atom HE, going to Naim App > Internet Radio > Hidef Radio shows you all hi-def stations, like Radio Paradise in flac with CD quality. But maybe not available on the Gen 1 Muso?


Hi Dan
I’m not the best person to answer your headphone questions, but regarding internet radio, Naim have been trying to push more stations to adopt lossless radio streams, and have quite a long standing repationship with Radio Paradise. All of their current streamers have native support for lossless FLAC iRadio, including Radio Paradise.
Unfotunately the 1st gen Naim streamers are unable to support FLAC iRadio, but of course an Atom will.
Regarding yout Totems, I can’t see any reason why they wouldn’t work well with the Atom. You’ll need a pair of long RCA leads, but perhaps worth talking to Naim support about how long you can go here. Long balanced leads with XLR connections are generally better, but I believe your Totems only have unbalanced RCAs?

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@manidaniel - There is a long running thread on the Atom HE, which you would likely find useful.

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As a workaround, playing RP FLAC on the Atom HE and using multi-room to the QB1, then muting the Atom should work. At least it does with my Atom.


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Thanks a lot for all the useful info in your replies.

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Thanks for your reply Chris. Yes, the Totems only have RCA (and 3.5 AUX) but not XLR. Define “long RCA leads” as I would put the Atom HE relatively close to the main (left) speaker, keeping the length to 1 m or less. Suppose that should be fine? Regarding RP, I love their Android app which allows you to log in and play your high-rated songs and all the other features (apart from streaming in FLAC, which I now understand Atom is capable of, unlike Gen 1 Musos). Currently I’m connecting a portable DAC only, hence I feel it would be the coolest thing to see Naim “upgrade” RP in such a way that you could use it like Tidal or Qobuz (or Spotify etc.), i.e. as a separate, dedicated streaming source.

Long leads would mean several metres so you should be fine there.

Radio Paradise FLAC streams are available for all their channels (Mellow, Rock etc.) and you will see the current track info in the app. What you don’t get is the full artwork PSD option etc that you see in the app or web player. For that you would need to use Airplay or Chromecast to send the stream from the RP app to the Atom.

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There’s a review of the HE popped up on the stereophile website with comments about its abilities with a variety of headphones. They seem to like it.

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You are quite right here. I have the Atom HE and been listening with HD660s and works like a charm.

Recently upgraded to Focals. Got a set of Celestee and it’s a match made in heaven.


Update: I was able to take a listen at a local shop, testing it with my low impedance Final phones; seems the Atom has zero issue driving them properly. I also reached out to Naim support; reply is still pending at this time.

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