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I have a significant hearing loss in one ear. I need to know if the atom headphone edition has a left/right channel balance control that will allow me adjustcthe right channel 16db.


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Unfortunately only the pre-amp out has a balance setting. Not when listening to headphone.

If you want to use Roon, then you can set on there the balance.
Otherwise you can also use an external headphone amp…


I use Roon to compensate for hearing issues. And it works a treat. Not just db adjustments, but specific frequency band db adjustments. I add the reverse measurements from my hearing tests to EQ the output of the Atom HE.

It has allowed me to love headphones again. Magical stuff!

I don’t know whether the the Atom HE headphone balance could be added with a firmware adjust. Maybe a friendly Naim employee could answer.



Thank you very much. Can you share with me exactly how you adjus frequencies based on your hearing test. Im learning.


Quite simple. When I have a hearing test, I ask for a printout of the results. Standard hearing test check 500 hz, then 1khz up to 8khz. I see which frequencies are down and adjust to compensate using a Procedural EQ (equalisation) filter in Roon. Procedural EQs allow you to have different settings for left and right.

The whole idea of EQing is to tweak the sound of your music for you. Using Roon to deliver bit-perfect streams to my Atom HE and main hifi has been a game changer for me.

FYI, I have an annual hearing test from my employer. My hearing alters a lot from year to year.

A good dealer would probably be able to demo Roon on a head-fi system.

I hope this helps.


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I gave roon and use it exclusively. Tried speaker setup to alter balance and it worked very well. Pulling out hearing test to create eq now. Youve been a big help

I want to know how to adjust one point say 500 khz.

My chart shows my left ear is at 55db.

Can you walk me through it. Once i know how to adjust one data point i can do the rest.


I’ve got a RME ADi-2 DAC in my office set up connected to a MAC Studio into Genelec 8030 monitors…it has two headphone outputs (phones & IEM) each output can be amended for 5 different frequency. Q and of course balance independant to the main output to the speakers. That might be worth investigating for your hearing loss. It’s actually quite a fine DAC but clearly not up at Atom HE levels …suggest you look on the tube of you for more info

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