Atom Headphone Output

I recently bought my 3rd set of HD800. This time I’m not letting it go. Interestingly the HD800 sounds quite good out of the 3.5mm output of the Uniti Atom. I can’t find any specs for the headphone output. Anyone has information on that?

Hopefully it’s a lot better than the UQ2 headphone out which struggles with my HD600 and is bloody awful on my HD800. Naim have mentioned they gave attention to improving the headphone output on the Atom over the UQ2 though.

Have you compared the HD800 on dedicated headphone amp? Certainly I’ve heard things that were great until I heard what they were supposed to sound like.

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I haven’t. I recently sold my Susvara and all headphone gear to tap into speakers. I bought the HD800 purely as portable home setup to go with my Ibasso DX220 which sounds quite good with the HD800. I just happened to plug the HD800 into the Atom out of curiosity.

Hi … this is interesting…I had a Naim272 Naim said that particular attention was paid to the headphone… circuit. I tried using it with HD800s … and it was lifeless - and really not great to listen to. I then tried a Graham Slee UL Diamond Edition and wow what a difference… the sound opened up and was dynamic and powerful… my advice is try the this headphone amp. Currently mine is on my 552 and it sounds fantastic.

Anyone knows the specs of the headphone section of the Atom? It’s not published anywhere. It really is very good. For HD800, it sounds like a dedicated desktop headphone amp. Wish it’s a 6.25 jack or xlr. But it’s the sound that matters.

Not sure of spec… but if it drives the HD800…then happy days…:sunglasses:…dont worry about it…just enjoy.

Bear in mind that the Atom line out goes via the Atom volume control so it passes through the preamp stage.
Connecting a headphone amp isn’t as easy as it sounds if you want optimal quality as the signal will pass through 2 pre stages and will likely have a poor SN ratio.

Ok point taken…yeah that’s not good…

I’m just using the built-in headphone output. Not planning on hooking another amp to it.

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