Atom hiss when pre-out connected to Av receiver

I have been now struggling since months with a very high loud hiss when using Atom connected to Av receiver pre-out for managing front speakers. I use Analog input with AV fixed.
I have tried already the following for trouble shooting:

  1. AV receiver (yamaha A2A pre out connected to another amplifier or amplified speaker: no hiss
  2. Atom analog input connected to iphone headphone output: no hiss
    It seems both of them are ok but toghether there is this painfull hiss.
    Anyone with similar issue ?

I had a similar issue when connecting my av pre-out to my 252 av input. Fixed by using ground loop isolator on the av output. The brand i use is ‘bumpar’ and found on amazon… other brands no doubt are available.

do you mean this one on the pre-out?

Mines not that particular model as have had it for a number of years but yep, thats the type of thing. Don’t think it could be classed as ‘audiophile’ but it does the job. They are relatively inexpensive so you could try it to see if things improve and then decide if you want a higher quality one.

I had a similar issue with a Nait 5 connecting to a Yamaha AV amp years ago. I never found a good solution. I tried a GL isolator with no luck. I ended up swapping out the Yamaha for a Denon AV amp.

this what I’m afraid of.

Mine’s a Marantz avr if it helps with your considerations.

Just as a FYI, my AV amp was a Yamaha DSP-A592. (1997) My dealer and I went through a lot of work to try and resolve it. In the end we just concluded that there was “something” about the Yamaha PSU/grounding arrangement that didn’t work well with Naim. Hopefully you can find a solution.

do you think floating ground switch can help?

Unfortunately I cannot say, not having an Atom to try it out. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable of the atom’s earthing can answer for you.

Try this link - Massive sudden hum - frightening! - #15 by james_n

I had the same hiss and high noise level but with Yamaha streamer + Naim 5si. Another issue was the loud humming when the sub was attached. This cable solved all these issues.

I don’t have this issue at all with my Atom with preouts from Arcam AVR. But I did with my previous speakers and I did get a ground loop at first but a swap of HDMI cable from AVR to TV solved that.

If it’s set to AV fixed Volune the power amp is on at full so if your speakers are sensitive it might pick up the BG hiss all Naim amps have and show it off more? As soon as I swapped speakers no more hiss.

My Uniti Atom has a natural hiss with AV Fixed Volume ON with Focal speakers (even without any preamp cable connected).
This is quite annoying.
A virtual AV Fixed Volume to a lower value than full amplification (to the equivalent of 75/100) would resolve this.
So your options are the following

  • Deal with it
  • Disable av fixed volume, and put your sound level at 75 when using the input corresponding to your home theater amp. Be careful not forgetting to lower the volume when listening to Spotify though, or your family (and neighbors) will remember it.
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