Atom, NAP 200 and Subwoofer

Hi all,
Is it possible to connect a NAP power Stage and a subwoofer to the Atom?

Have an Atom connected to a NAP 200 plus a small REL Quake subwoofer (12 years old ,a remnant from my A.V. setup ,long gone and is an experiment to see if it was worthwhile upgrading to a more substantial sub).
Seem to power it up solely for some old recordings ,vinyl and cd of 70s prog rock e.g Yes ,Genesis etc. Otherwise it is switched off.
Power amp is a different matter, could not afford a NOVA but Atom and the nap200 do my KEF R3s justice
Hope this helps

Atom + 200 = £4.6k. Nova = £4.3k. ND5XS2 + Nait XS3 = £4.6k

Adding a 200 to Atom as a route to separates makes sense to me. As a long term goal, I’d be looking elsewhere, probably to XS setup.


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Should have mentioned in my original reply that the 200 was previously owned and was picked up for a bargain price (£700 for six year old model )so did not push my budget as far as £. 4600.
Also 200 hidden away from the little atom’s position under tv ( moved away from a rack of naim boxes albeit the more economical series !! )
Apologies- moved off topic.


As the Atom has only one pre out, you cannot connect both a power amp and a sub to it.
If you use a sub with a high level input, you can connect this to the speaker terminals.

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