Atom - Next Steps: NAP100 or Neat Iota first?

The Atom correctly gets a lot of attention on the forum and in reviews for it’s design, functionality, quality and VFM at it’s price point. If I were in a position where I could only keep one audio device / system without upgrading it would be the Atom with a USB SSD drive and subscriptions for Qobuz and roon (on a quiet PC).

I now run my Atom as my second system in the office. I am listening to music (Qobuz, rips, internet radio via roon or direct streaming) all day in the WFH office, except when on Teams meetings.

I have already added a full-fat Powerline which improved the definition and dynamic range ; my network and roon server (an Innuos Zen MiniII with the LPSU add-on ) are as upgraded as I can make them for my budget and ears…

I have also used a ‘cascaded’ non-naim power amp with the Atom to drive my B&W FPM5 AV speakers. The amp and the FPM5’s have cost me ‘nothing’ as I bought them 10 years ago for my then main system - and bass is pretty good, although being AV they tend to favour treble and mid range; I don’t want to add a sub though…speaker cables are TQ Ultra Blue - those won’t be changed.

The Neat Iota speakers get positive reviews in conjunction with the Atom; because of lock down they are difficult to audition. A lot of people have added in NAP100 to their Atom setup as well, and the shoebox format would fit better in my office than a full-width amplifier case.

So, with a budget of only £600-ish would you, based on actual experience of Neat Iota and/or NAP100, buy the speaker or the NAP first ?

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Iota, amazing speaker.


I have Atom/Iotas in my small office. They were bought to treat myself in Lockdown 1, when auditioning was impossible. I usually audition, so this was a gamble, but fortunately one that I reckon I won. I’m extremely happy with the result and have no regrets. The sound is remarkably transparent and musically satisfying, qualities that matter to me. The only problem I have is that often the music is so involving it stops me working and I just have to listen instead.

You need to bear in mind the Iotas are tiny and the Atom is not renowned for pumping out bass. I think wall mounting the speakers helps with a bit of bass reinforcement, but if I were a heavy-metal listener who wanted chest-thumping bass, I’d be looking elsewhere.

On adding an extra power amp, I’ve not heard the combo you suggest, but I feel the whole point of the Atom is that it’s a one-box solution that looks good on my desk and gives me much musical enjoyment. If I really wanted more “oomph” I’d be looking at a used Nova rather than adding a power amp.


An acquaintance had a UnitiQute2/NAP100 combo with Iotas for a while. He traded in for an Atom, doesn’t see any benefit in pairing it with the 100.

My mate has my old Unitiqute2/NAP100 set up and is just about to change for an Atom, I advised him the same, forget the NAP100.

Short-term, before a house move in 2 months time, I have improved the bass response from my existing setup (Atom with Powerline, FPM5 AV speakers, playing roon being served over a hifi oriented ethernet network), by doing what I initially said I wouldn’t do - and swapped the TQ UltraBlue speaker cables for a pair of TQ Green (now branded Diamond Blue) cascaded from my main system (which now has TQ Silver II, as an impluse eBay purchase, as per another post of mine).
This Atom-based combination is sounding very good ( transients, sonic range, clarity) to me , for the investment level on all pre-loved equipment. Now playing Eva Cassidy’s Songbird album, and some tracks from DavidGilmour/PinkFloyd, as proofpoint before WFH again tomorrow.
The house and hence room change, will probably change things again.
Thanks all for your 100% recommendation of the Neat Iotas over the NAP100 power amp - I will bear this in mind.

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