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I don’t know how else to describe the situation other that what I have already said. The Atom will be connected to my mesh network for a period, and it works great. Then out of the blue I will try to use the atom and it is no longer connected to the network. It says so right on the front panel of the atom, and as a byproduct, the app cannot find the atom. In the atom settings menu, I can see all available networks that the atom “sees” including my network and those of my neighbors. I try to connect to my network and the atom fails to connect. I try this multiple times. Then I unplug the atom, plug it back in, and it connects perfectly well to my network, without any prompting. The atom is the only device that behaves this way. No other device in my house loses its connection to the network this way.

The network has its own app, and it lists what devices are connected and which ones are not. Sometimes the atom is on the connected list, other times it isn’t. The items on the not connected list tend to be devices that connected once and are no longer present at the house.

As an experiment, I have turned off IPv6, maybe that setting was causing problems. We will see. I suspect there must be a setting somewhere that is causing this problem.

I Hope this helps. It is exactly what I am experiencing.

Did you try my suggestion earlier

I will look into this, as I don’t know how to do it. Sounds like it would work. I have set a particular satellite router as the atom’s exclusive satellite. Maybe that, plus disabling IPv6, will do the job.

TP-Link and Atom user here again. I am still struggling to remember what I did to fix a similar issue but I have a couple of ideas.

In the TP-Link app go into the Atom when it’s connected via “Clients”. Turn off Mesh Technology (unless you plan on walking around the house with the Atom under your arm), go into Connection Preference and select the Hub closest to it. See if that works, if not you could also try to select either 2.4ghz or 5ghz as the preferred Wifi Band rather than leaving it in Auto.

ok thank you - so I see you are connecting to wifi mesh setup… I am afraid it looks like you are getting some sort of wifi time out - perhaps through poor signal quality on your mesh setup, or poor wifi product implementation of some of the roaming and hand off protocols.

If the issue disappears by using an albeit temporary ethernet lead to your switch or router - then it does suggest an issue with your wifi product interoperating with your Naim product. On wifi products there are sometimes options to improve interoperability at the expense of some performance - worth looking to see if your product offers that… alternatively try and if you can to ethernet connect your mesh point nearest your streamer (try and avoid multiple wireless hops between access points) - failing that I am afraid it sounds like a new or better wifi product, or even possibly a firmware update on your wifi product - or using ethernet instead. With regard to wifi, BT wifi discs seem to be very popular and work well - used by quite few with Naim, also Ubiquiti wifi products work well too with Naim, it’s what I use.

IPV6 should have nothing to do with it… best leave it on for those devices on your home network that use it or prefer it - which is increasing all the time… though devices can often look after themselves with IPV6 on the local network.

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For the sake of closing the loop, the fix was to set one of the satellites as the “preferred” satellite, meaning the atom will only connect to that particular satellite over the WiFi. I also set the Atom to be a “high priority” for the satellite. Since doing these things the connection has been stable.

Adding this note for others who may stumble on this mesh network issue. Thanks to all who provided suggestions above.

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