Atom on Special Offer

I’ve just got an email from Naim announcing an Easter sale on the Atom, £250 off for the next 2 weeks.

Me too.

Ditto … too early to trade in my 1st gen Unitiqute though.

I’d hope that’s not an indication of Atom/Nova/Core mk II on the horizon…

Uniti Atom Easter Offer Terms & Conditions:

  1. This offer is available whilst stocks last.
  2. No resale is allowed within 12 months of purchase
  3. This offer is limited to the Uniti Atom only
  4. This offer will be available 17th-30th April 2019
  5. This offer may not be available at all Naim retailers as dealers can set their own prices and may not have chosen to take part in this promotion.

How could they possibly enforce 2. above?

It seems a bit early, I think the range hit the market (after the delays) from about July to December 2017, 18 months for a Naim product seems a very short life, unless the updates are retrofittable.

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Yes, it would be very early - I’m just a cynic these days :slightly_frowning_face:

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Yes I’d like to see someone stop you selling something you have bought from a shop…

I agree plus the new Uniti range sells well so would be a strange upgrade/investment priority for Naim with other lines perhaps more in need of a revamp.

A ‘limited time offer’ price reduction, subject to a 12 month restriction of resale. Would this be indicative of a significant price increase after Easter? … the logic being to allow the introduction of a sub-Atom product.

This is the alll-in-one system normally getting on for 2 grand or am I missing something here 'cause £1500 off smacks of desperatism to me. For two hundred and fifty quid I’m almost tempted to buy one… I don’t need it but that sounds a pretty good price to me!

Ha ha! It’s a £250 reduction in price they are offering, not a purchase price of £250!



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It’s on me :slight_smile:

In my excitement I miss-read. Oh well back to the Roberts radio then :wink:

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I suspect they just mean on trade-ins

Even that probably isn’t legal is it? A trade-in is a transaction between me and my dealer, Naim shouldn’t have an impact on that. I wondered if it meant that a re-sale during the 1st 12 montths didn’t transfer the Naim warranty.

That would be a more elegant approach. It sounds like Marketing didn’t really think this through and/or communicate it clearly. As a message it’s obviously PR-weak

I’ve seen a similar policy with expensive watch brands… an example is where they don’t want you to sell the item on for a profit. In the watch world the dealer might keep the ‘papers’ for 12 months. I agree a bit dubious… what they’re saying is it’s a bit like pcp on a car where you don’t own the car until the end (when you typically have do drop some more money).

Once you’ve bought it, it’s entirely your choice whether you use it, sell it, or chuck it out of the window. Perhaps Naim are trying to discourage anyone from buying one to sell on for a profit, but I think you’d need a much bigger discount than that to make it worth a punt.

Yep, a quick check shows a dealer selling an ex-demo model at £200 off, so I can’t think there is much margin in selling second-hand ones based on a £250 discount.

I guess it might be aimed at none naim dealers who might get one or two in and try and sell at list price…a few quid to be made that way to customers who are not savvy to the offer…