Atom or Star?

I was going to move house before all this fun started but on hold for now. Seeing as we all have a bit more time on our hands at the moment I was thinking about hifi. In the new house my main system will be going in a reception room and that leaves me what do I want for study when working from home ?

First off I don’t stream so was looking at something to replay CD’s. The Atom paired with neat Iota’s seems to get some good comments. By the looks of it I would need some sort of hard drive to pair with the Atom to store my CD’s ? so that got me looking at the Star with its built in CD and storage.

Anybody think I am barking up the wrong tree or got any opinions ? Looking through the FAQ I cant find anything on this.

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Just use the HDX to stream to the Atom.

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Ah, now that’s a great idea … I wont have to re-rip all my CD’s. Thank you.

It’s very easy. Run an ethernet cable from your router or switch to Atom. Then you can play your music stored on the HDX either directly into the main system as you do now, or over your home network to the Atom.

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I would go with HH’s idea and use the HDX as a server for the Atom. It needs a network connection anyway, so you may as well use it.
An alternative would be to copy the music files on the HDX to a USB drive and connect this directly to the Atom. No need to rip again.

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