Atom paired with Dali Oberon on wall speakers

Hi guys,
I have limited space in my current setup and so have started to look at wall mounted bookshelf speakers. (Room is approx 6 x 4 m)
I was looking to trial the Kek LS50 Metas but most posts seem to advise against stating they would sound awful on the wall (can’t seem to find compatible wall mounts either)
I’m looking to spend between £500-£1000 and have read some good reviews for the Dali Oberons, so was wondering if anyone has any experience with them?
I understand these would be considered budget at best on this forum but need a short term solution (ideally with enough bass to not need a sub until I can persuade my wife otherwise!)
Any advice or suggestions on wall mounted bookshelf speakers would be greatly received.

Cheers Harvey

I run my Atom with Neat Iotas. These are small bookshelf speakers that come ready for wall mounting (as well as stand mounting). They were designed for use with all-in-ones like the Atom and fit on small readily available wall brackets. They sit right in your budget range.


Thanks Roger,
I’ve yet to demo the Neats but have heard good things about them on the forum.
Do you think they will be powerful enough for a 6x4m room?

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