Atom, Plex and Apple Lossless

Hi I am having a problem streaming my Apple Lossless files to an Atom. My set up is an Atom connected wirelessly to my router, a Western Digital My Cloud Home NAS which comes with Plex wired to the router, an iMac which I have used to rip my CDs to Apple Lossless format and the Naim App on my iPad. If I try to stream a downloaded file at 256kbps aac format I have no problem. If I try and stream a wav file at 1.444 kbps I have no problem. If I try to stream my apple lossless files at various kbps from 280 to 900 kbps nothing happens. The Atom shows the album artwork but does not play anything. I have tried the Plex web site forums but with no luck. The DLNA setting is switched on in Plex. If I use the Plex app on my iPad it plays the music on the iPad and then I can Chromecast it to the Atom but I suspect there is some transcoding going on. Anyone else had this problem and solved it?

Sorry for delay in reply, I see there are no answers. I’ve experienced the same thing in a similar set up. The work around is to set the naim app to compatibility mode under the cog input/upnp settings. It will make loading slower but it will play.

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Thanks for the info. The app seems to have changed. The Input settings for uPnP only give Enabled and Name as options. Am I missing something? I have a 2019 iPad running IOS13,3,1.

Hi, Click on input settings, should take you to another window? Can you see ‘UPnP compatibility Mode’ below enabled? I’m using app version 5.16 iOS. on iPhone (at moment) but I think it is the same on my iPad. I can check later. Same version of IOS you have. Try toggling enabled. I am using Naim Nac-n 272, so this may be the difference.

Just checked iPad Air running 13.3.1 same as yours.

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