Atom & Power Amp

I recently purchased a Uniti Atom which i am enjoying very much
My questions are as follows, My Naim dealer says even a NAP 100 is a worthwhile upgrade a NAP 200 better still
How good would the power amp option be or do i wait and go for the Nova in one box
Does the forum members think Uniti Atom/NAP100/200 would be better than a standalone Nova
Or maybe even consider a NAP 250 with the Atom ?

I have added a NAP200 to my Atom, but decided to remove it again as the integrated Atom sounded more ‘coherent’. The NAP200 is a great amplifier, sounds fantastic, does not get warm and can easily be kept powered 24/7. However, it sounded a bit ‘thinner’ than just the Atom which I liked better in the end. I find the Atom slightly more ‘musical’ on itself. Also the difference was small and did not justify the additional investment in the NAP200 in the end. In my case I ended up adding an AudioQuest Niagara 1200 power conditioner which actually improved the sound more than the NAP 200 TO MY EARS IN MY SETUP.

Hence, I would not add an NAP100. It will not bring you much.

That said has anyone compared this with the Nova ?

Your reply would seem to suggest if moving up go with a Nova ?

If you have just purchased the Atom and are enjoying it very much then why don’t you stop worrying about upgrading and simply enjoy the music? If later on you want to upgrade then fine but I don’t quite understand why you would buy a great piece of kit and then immediately think about upgrading


I lent my NAP200 to a colleague who had a Uniti with a view to selling it to him as I’d moved up to a 250DR. It was a pity really as it would have been a nice easy sale!

He didn’t like the NAP200, finding it too much for the Uniti.

If I were you I’d enjoy what you have and save up for a Nova if you feel the need to upgrade.

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Not really the sort of reply i was looking for

No, the Nova has a much better power supply and pre-amp stage, which add more to the overall performance than increasing the power amp output from the Atom.

Mike thank you just the answer i was looking for !

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Personally I think its really helpful that you either get to try the amp at home in context, or at the very least, have a dealer demonstrate the Atom + NAP, then compare that combination with a Nova. Gains will be dependent on the efficiency of the speakers being driven, the room size and the ultimate question, where you want to end up.

For what’s its worth, I auditioned a NAP100 and then a NAP250.2 (same dem) in anticipation of upgrading my UQ2. Dealer said I should notice an improvement with each amp, I thought the ‘improvement’ marginal to say the least, neither amps making a worthwhile difference in relation to their respective cost (even the 250), so both demo units stayed at the dealers.

I think it may also be worthwhile comparing a multi-box set up to the Nova, as that may also prove informative as to your long term strategy… the choice of a very capable all in one unit, or start a collection of multiple black boxes, complex cabling and pernickety set up. That rabbit hole gets wide, deep and expensive, rather quickly…

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Sorry about that but you did ask for views and that is my view. It is only an opinion - to be agreed with or disagreed with

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I am inclined to agree with you

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The reviews on the Niagra look good

For me the Niagara added more than the NAP200. It is a great device, even though I had my power lines sorted out quite good already (separated, etc). It came as a surprise to be honest.

If I would move up, it would be to the Nova. But I have read reports from people who felt that the Atom is more musical and the Nova is more clinical. So I would always test run it in my own environment first. So far I am very happy with my setup (also compared to previous quite high-end setups I owned before) so no need to change anything right now for me.

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I had an Atom first, then Star and finally Nova. I tried each with the addition of power amp - nap 200 and came to the conclusion that it is better to go for a better Unite device (Star or Nova). In the end, I finished with Nova, to which I added exposure 3010s2 power amp (it sounded a little better at the seller than nap 250). I also added an Isotek Sirius power conditioner with Sequel cables and the difference in sound quality was very big.


I have not found a review that speaks badly of the Audioquest

Your advice is welcomed on the Audioquest Niagara i have also read some good reviews on it
What mains cable did you use going into it as see they recommend a couple of different ones such as NRG-Z3 ?

Well, the advise is to use the best possible lead from wall socket into the Niagara. I my case I had some unused Artspeak power cables (Dutch manufacturer) lying around that I decided to use as an intermediate solution as I could not decide between the Z3 and the Monsoon. But actually these work so well that I became a bit hesitant to spend money on the Audioquest cables. I will probably try the Z3 to see what difference it makes, but for now it sounds already good enough.

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