Atom problem or?

Hello ive nitice on Uniti Atom when i go standby on app or i press power button i hear few clucks and button flash few times white colour then turn off, ive try pull out power cable and same happend, when i powwer on hear triple click sound from naim…

From your description sounds like the normal behaviour of a the Atom, Star and Nova at switch on to me.

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The clucks is most probably the relays switching on. Nothing to worry about.

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See how it looks

Difficult to say as I no longer have an Atom. It does sound loud. Someone else with an Atom will have to check theirs for you.

On another note - have you thought about getting a platform and some iso feet? The unit is going to amplifier any sound/vibrations coming from the Atom. Have a look in the Chrome Bumper thread and my posts.

Hi Aleksandar,

I see! So thanks for the video, that is NOTHING to worry about. The new UnitiRange (your Atom) has a feature when powering on it will have a couple of click sounds - this is the units EUP board opening the relay channels upon startup. This is normal and common across the range. I was thinking by your descrription it was something else - but that is perfectly normal.

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My office Atom clicks as well when going into standby. As far as I know, this is just relays operating and perfectly normal. In my main system, I have a streamer/preamp which has a relay operated resistor-ladder volume control. This is quite a bit louder when I alter the volume, but once set the relays are completely silent and out of circuit.

Enjoy your Atom.


Listening to your video I would say it normal for the Atom, Star and Nova. My Star sounds very similar.

Mine clicks in on and off. So think that’s normal

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