Atom Proximity Sensor

Any ideas about why the proximity sensor on my recently purchased Unit Atom isn’t working?

Welcome to the forum Picard. Sorry to hear your proximity sensor is not working. The last time this came up on the forum @Richard.Dane suggested the customer contact Naim support whose contact details are at the bottom of the page, alternatively call your dealer?

Yes, I would likewise suggest contacting either your dealer or Naim Tech support.

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Has it never worked, or has it just stopped working? When I saw your post, I tried mine and the proximity sensor didn’t seem to be working. Put it into and then out of deep sleep and it’s OK now. It might be worth trying that if you’ve not already done so.


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Have you checked that it hasn’t been disabled in the Naim app settings?

Is this the sensor that detects if your remote is near the unit and lights it up .
Or is it to detect your hand near the unit.
If it’s the second mine has never worked on the Star.

Thanks for replies. I’ve tried in and out of deep sleep but it made no difference. This function has never worked , although the remote motion sensor is working. I’ll contact tech support and see what they come up with!

Hi Picard and welcome,
I know I’ve seen the screen change on mine when I’ve been near it but thought I’d just check. When it’s at the home screen nothing happens until it goes to sleep. But, if I pause an album and wait a few minutes when I go near it the large album picture changes to a small album picture with description etc. So I guess the proximity sensor on mine works, is this something you have tried? I’m talking just a wave of the hand no remote.


Hello, the sensor on mine Atom stopped working. At least for what concernes the song information. The sensor itself works, because I can see the lights of the volume knob changes.
It did work fine. So what can be wrong?

Yesterday evening I put the Atom into a deep sleep and this morning everything was Ok again. Still don’t know why it didn’t worked yesterday.

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