Atom + Qb multiroom issue

First post. Great to see a big community here!

My new-found hatred for a well-known consumer brand of streaming speakers led me to replace my beloved Sugden a21 + [terrible] streaming interface… with an Atom, and put a Qb in the kitchen. Best decision I’ve ever made!

However I’m having a strange issue with the Naim app multiroom:
Initially it simply wouldn’t work. I’d steam to the Atom, select the Qb and it would just unselect.
At one point I accidentally chose a physical “input” on the Qb then selected multiroom in the app and it multiroom-ed for a split second. Figuring it might be WiFi issues I placed the Qb beside the router but had no luck, wired or wireless. My brain registered the “unnecessary” input selection, so I tried that again and suddenly it worked flawlessly. Moving the Qb back to the kitchen it now worked for a split second on Spotify or Radio inputs, but still needed the physical input selection to make multiroom stick. Additionally it only works Atom to Qb. The other way doesn’t work at all.

Both units are on the latest firmwares.
Atom is on Ethernet direct to router. App is latest too.

I guess it technically works now, but the weird prep is annoying.
Anyone have any thoughts?

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