Atom rega planar 1 plus

Hello Jules from the Netherlands here.

Planning to hook my Rega p1 plus to my yet to come Atom. My question is: which rca input sensitivity setting should i use? My Rega has the phono preamp build in and its output max is 370-410 mV. Does anyone use this turntable with the atom, and what are youre settings?

greets and thanks in advance


Hello Jules and welcome to the forum.

I have the Rega Fono mini, which is, internally, the same as the phono pre-amp in your Planer 1 Plus. I use this with a Nova, which has the same settings as the Atom and I have the sensitivity set to “1 Volt (TV/AV)”. I’ve never had a problem at this setting.


Super!! thanks’ for your reply, I will use it then, can t wait to get it in. It won over an evo 150 and a nad c700. the difference in sound was wel worth the pricetag in my opinion.

You connect by RCA to the « imput « on the left

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yep i knew that but as most people set in on 2,5v, I was wondering because i know the rega planar 1 plus even with preamp build in doesn’t put out that much power.

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Presumably this is set from within the app. Just give it a go with the different settings - it won’t do any harm. I’d be tempted to use the setting that is closest in levels to the other (internal) sources. That’d save altering the volume greatly if you switch between inputs.

Treu, but indeed i hear that a lot of users vind the rega p1 plus, a bot too soft compared to other hifi equipment. On my receiver i have now, it is also noticably softer than mij cd player on a similar input. So perhaps the 1volt setting on the input, will even out things a little. But please correct me if i m wrong.

Btw excuse me for my bad English im from Bunde, maastricht the netherlands.

Btw does it sound good through the atom? it goes now to a old analog cambridge audio azu 640a, and it sound very ok. But how does it sound with the uniti atom.

My Naim is in, ooooo it sound great, and i love the way it sounds with my vinyl too. Thank you guys for the tips.


And two weeks for delivery. Not bad at all :grinning:

it was a loooong wait

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The best things are ! Glad you’re loving it. I’ve had mine for about 4 years now. Still feels brand new, and can’t see myself changing unless a huge change in
Personal circumstances and living space :grinning:

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