Atom screen turns back

Hi guys,

My uniti atom screen turns black after 2sec when I move on a new track/radio etc… don’t get me wrong the music keeps playing and it’s not frozen. Just annoying I can’t see the track name anymore. I seems to have started last week after I did an update on the firmware.

Anyone knows what’s happening ?

You can check to see if this is the selected behaviour under Settings (gear icon, top right) → Other Settings → Display. Uncheck the box and the display should show cover art (or input logo) during playback.

A mate of mine now has the same problem with his Atom after the latest update. The screen looks like it’s going to start but then goes grey and then black. I advised him to switch off and leave it for 30 minutes and turn it back on but this didn’t work.

Anyone got any suggestions on how to rectify?

Did he check if somehow the setting changed as described in the post before yours?

Yep, ticks the display but nothing.

Sorry for late reply on this but my settings are correct (unfortunately).

I also realize this happens quite randomly:

For some music/radios I still see the track name/logo etc…, for others the screen turns black after few secs and the only way to show the title is to press the button on the right handside of the home button then after few secs it turns black again.

@Geko and @Thitetaf, if you haven’t done so already I’d recommend the usual troubleshooting step. They may or may not help, but in any case they rule out some things:

  1. Ensure you have the latest Naim app and streamer firmware installed
  2. Shut down the streamer, unplug it, and leave unplugged for 30 minutes.
  3. In the meantime, shut down the router and all your phones where the Naim app is installed
  4. Restart the router and wait until back online, then restart the phones
  5. Check that the phones have wifi as usual, then plug in and start the streamer

Let us know if it doesn’t help

My mate has now gone through this sequence but the screen is still the same. He’s about to do a factory reset to see if this cures it? Failing that I suspect he may have a faulty screen and will need to get it checked.

Is there access to any Naim tech guys that might know what the problem is?

How does he raise a ticket?


Plus dump and re-install the app…


OK, good (or not). Yes, this would also be my next proposed step, do a factory reset. It may help, and in any case I’m sure the Naim support would ask your mate to do it before sending the unit.

If this does not help either, I’m also afraid it might require a trip to Naim :frowning:
There is no formal support on the forum, though the Naim staff helps where necessary. But Clare et al. have been very busy with such things, so I suggest to try the factory reset first - they would ask to do it, anyway.

If it does not help, your mate should contact their dealer, distributor, or Naim support for next steps:
T: +44 (0) 1722 443405
Hours of service are Mon-Fri 9:30am-5:30pm GMT/BST

Be aware that your mate should receive a ticket number immediately when sending an email to this address, but it may take a few days until a support person gets in contact. Possibly the dealer or distributor is faster.

My Atom’s screen was screwy sometimes so I replaced it with a Nova. The Dealer didn’t consider sending it in for service. They were going to order a new Atom so I opted to step up. My dealer allowed me to keep the Atom until the Nova arrived (about 2-3 months.) They gave me full credit for the Atom towards the Nova. It’s twice the money, but best money I ever spent. I mulled an integrated and streamer but am really glad I stuck with the Nova.

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