Atom snr and thd


I am considering purchasing an Atom (it’s in my shortlist with a couple of other candidates from other manufacturers). As part of my comparison, I am interested in finding out Naim’s claim for the snr and thd specs for the Atom. My other candidates publish this on their websites, but Naim don’t. I have spent listening to the Atom at my local dealer, and noticed the white noise from the listening position, which concerned me. But I don’t know whether it will be the same at home on my speakers. So would like to see Naim’s specs for this. I believe the thd is very low, so it’s more curiosity for that one.

Have sent the same question to Naim support but not heard back in a couple of days.

Thanks in advance,


The hiss is very common trait of Naim amplification they all do it to some extent it’s a trade off of getting it so pure, how much it shows up is down to the sensitivity of the speakers. I only notice it when in AV fixed volume as the power amp is at max volume.

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