Atom Speakers Redux!

Apologies in advance - but I think previous Atom speaker matching threads have been closed. I’m currently using an Atom (with a Core) to drive vintage Celestion Ditton 25’s which have been re-capped. As much as I enjoy the warm British sound of these classics, I don’t feel the top end holds up against more modern products. And precise imaging on the sound stage seems wanting. I could not even tell you if their impedance or efficiency makes them a decent match to the Atom. So - I’m searching for a good match. I could go as much as $4K US for something I loved. I am looking really for floor standing units to keep more of the lower range that I am used to with the volume and ABR of the 25’s. I see a few mentions here of the Sonus Faber Lumina II’s as a match - a bookshelf model. And clearly Darko likes that match! Am I crazy to think of trying to match the Atom with the Lumina III’s or V’s? They seem to be 4 ohm and pretty efficient. And if not those, then what other floor standers might be reasonable options? I see mentions of Focal Chora - I think 816 or 826? Anything else out there that has impressed someone?

Yeah, I’m curious whether the Atom has enough juice to power the Lumina IIIs properly. Would be good to know if someone has tried this :grinning:

I would more go with Sonetto 2. Maybe the Lumina 3 would work, but I think not optimally.
Sonus Faber really shines with a lot of power. If not they sound nice but dull.

Yes - decent but dull is just what I’m concerned about. But I’m really looking for floor standers and not just a 2-way system, to try to retain more of the ‘big air volume’ bottom end. I suppose the Atom into 4 ohms is more like 60W not 40W - but I agree it may still be asking a lot to drive the floor standing luminas. Was just hoping for perhaps someone that has heard it. Or someone with other floor standing ideas.

I know that Focal Chora 826, floorstander, are recommended with the Atom. But the Focal have not the magic of Sonus Faber…
No dealer to listen ?

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Yes - here in Victoria BC I can take my Atom in to Soundhounds to listen to various Sonus Fabers - or Atlas have both Naim and Focal. A listening room is nice, but in home can be quite different. Auditioning in home is not common here. And in a showroom during Covid - how much time do you want to spend doing listening comparisons … I was just hoping to find forums members who have had success with some floor standers.

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I must say that I am very content with the combination of an Atom with B&W 703S2 floorstanding speakers. Maybe something to take a listen to?

Absolutely - thanks - I can audition those at Soundhounds as well. At least the Atom is within their recommended amp power range. Might squeeze them into the top of my budget :slight_smile:

At the risk of missing the point… my Atom is happily driving restored Tannoy Cheviots, but in a small room.

How big is your room and how loud do you have the Atom turned up to?

The room is perhaps 5M x 3.5M - a bit irregular. Carpet over concrete, quite a bit of soft furnishings. I don’t typically listen too loud - although once in a while prog rock needs full respect :slight_smile: So on this basis, I don’t feel I need a lot of power just for volume. But many here, and I think quite a few manufacturers as well, seemingly advise to have a certain power level of amplifier to get ‘the best’ out of some speakers, even when they do not need it from a volume perspective. It is a thing I would in some ways prefer not to believe.

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So - over time I listened to many speakers connected to an Atom, in listening rooms of dealers. Various Sonus Fabers, and Focals, Totem towers as well, plus some Paradigm Founder 80F’s - but in the end I chose the Paradigm Founder 100f. 93 db efficient - as far as I could see, absolutely no issue for the Atom driving them. Spectacular sound stage and midrange, especially upper mids. I’ll be retiring my Klipsch sub as well :slight_smile:

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Graham LS3/5 or LS3/5a are killer with the Atom. Take a listen. Or the same model from Falcon or Rogers.

I see - pretty much the original-ish BBC Monitor? Like any small sealed cabinet speaker, that 83 db sensitivity takes a bit of pushing. I’ve seen it listed at 9 ohms and at 11 elsewhere. Quite a classic :slight_smile: I see the ‘Canadian’ sales agent listed on their site is in California.

The Atom can drive them. The graham/chartwell LS3/5 are 9ohm, the graham chartwell LS3/5a are 11, I think the Rogers LS3/5a are 15ohm.

I use the Graham LS3/5 9 ohm 83db with my atom and it’s a great pairing.

Pretty slick marriage of the best of old and classic!

I’ve been using late 60’s Celestion Ditton 25’s until now, so I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Congratulation on the Paradigm Founder 100f’s very nice. I did my speaker and all in one
matching the opposite way I had a pair of Focal Aria 926 and bought the Atom to match up with the Focals and also no sub required couldn’t be happier the combination sounds fantastic.

Nice ! I bet you’re loving that combo :slight_smile:

I have had separates in the past but these days I just love the integrated solution provided by the atom, although I could see stepping up to its 80 W big brother at some point.

Like you I believe that the speakers you listen to are a supremely important aspect of your system, and now I’m really happy to have phenomenal speakers plus the triple play (HD radio, Core for music I own, and tidal) of best quality sources and simplicity from the atom. Without feeling tempted at all to scamper down the rabbit hole I see so comprehensively documented in these forums :slight_smile:

Really interested to see where your search takes you, and also what drew you to both SF and Focal. I recently acquired a Uniti Nova and have been struggling to decide between two pair of speakers, one from Focal and another from SF. Really curious which path you go down.

I eventually chose the Paradigm Founder 100F’s - I fell in love with the soundstage they project - it’s amazing. The mids are also SO direct and clear, perhaps especially upper mids. It’s a 5 driver 3-way system, with 93db efficiency. And the transition of the crossover though the woofers, mid and the really unusual tweeter is top notch to my ears - it plays like one beautifully integrated whole. The fact that they are built in Canada (where they also design and manufacture every aspect of the speaker in house, and have the largest sound chamber in North America) makes them a bit more competitively priced here than say the French or Italian speakers. I got them for CDN$ 6,500 - which at current rates, you can see what that might buy you wherever you may be located. I think no question my next choice would have been Sonus Faber Sonnetto V (pretty comparable price) - but they likely would respond much better to your Nova than my Atom - and they were not quite everything that I wanted - my sense was that a lot of the price was the finish, and the transport and handling. I was impressed by the totem towers, but did not judge they were listenable for long continuous listening. The top end was just too showy for me - the overall performance was technically impressive, but not comfortably integrated into pleasant listening. It likely depends on what you like to listen to - if I was all rock and roll they might be perfect.

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Thanks for the feed back. The Sonetto V is the SF and ve been listening to, and comparing with the Focal Kanta 2. I’m a mostly rock listener, and like the Kanta, but it’s a bit more expensive…