Atom/Special40 upgrade

Hello folks,my current set up is Atom with special 40 speakers. I would like to keep my 40’s —so what is max upgrade(money not issue) that i could get and still make sense to use current speakers. Replace Atom with ? etc.etc.Thanks.

I haven’t heard the special 40’s but I would imagine they are very capable speakers.
I would say Nova level is where they would be appropriately pitched at. Any further up the ladder, you would be into the Contour 20 or if you go into 282/252 level the Confidence 20i would be most appropriate. :+1:t2:

I have the Special 40’s (which I love) and would assume that a combination with a SN3/NDX2 results in a very nice balanced setup.


Money is not an issue … wow!

More than happy with my Special Forty’s driven by NAC-N 272 and NAP 250 DR …

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I don’t think there’s a max, so go Statement if money isn’t an issue. Every upgrade should bring some improvement it’s just that there will be a point where changing the speakers will bring more improvement than the next step up in electronics, but since you don’t want to change those…

I would buy an Audioquest Niagara 1200 and spend some money on room treatment. You will be surprised. So stick with the Atom, it is a beautiful amp.

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Realistically, I would go @Klout10 route.
( even if there isn’t a budget)
It’s one of the best I’ve eard ( personally).

Ps.: @vgonx have a more “modern” source, in case you want to buy new gear



Thanks for all the help!

If money isn’t an issue and you have a dedicated listening room get the basics right. Separate mains (significant upgragade), room treatment to optimise whatever upgrades you want, (some research/reading essential), then the world is your oyster after some informed demos.

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Separate Mains = separate amp for each speaker? Thanks

A separate mains is a separate connection in the electrical distribution board in your house to which only your hi-fi system is connected. Naim equipment seems to be rather sensitive to ‘mains pollution’ due to energy efficient LED and compact florescent lamps …

I doubt it makes sense to have this installed for a Uniti Atom however …

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I would not necessarily agree with the comment about moving up to the Contour 20i if you move to separates. I compared these to the Special 40s in a side by side audition and they have a different character. My personal opinion is that the Contours are precise and shine with quality recordings etc. When it came to old school rock etc then the Special 40s brought out more of the gritty essence of this genre. Both had quality, both had merit, but I am driving my Special 40s with a 282/250DR combo and they do their end of the deal with style.


The Special Forty’s are special indeed!

Well… I have invested in a separate mains connection and recently also added a Audioquest Niagara 1200 AC Power Conditioner and the Atom has never sounded better. Actually, adding the AC Power Conditioner sounded better then when I added an NAP200 power amplifier in terms of overal sound quality, but especially when it comes to the sound being more relaxing and dynamic at the same time (yes, this is possible). So the Niagara stayed in my system and the NAP200 has been sold since.

Can I add an amp to Atom( connect to) ? or is that silly-or get a Nova to replace?Thanks for help.

Both option are possible indeed. There are Good experiences with the Nova and Special 40’s: a great combination.

Also several people have added a NAP200 to the Atom with good results … I think it depends on where you would like to go with your system; the Nova is a perfect one-box solution where the NAP200 opens the way to a multi-box system … that’s at least my 2ct …

You can always add a 272 or it’s to be anounced successor :wink:

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There are many believers… :joy:

There’s always hope, isn’t it :wink:

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(A little of topic):
Have you ever eard the NDX2? (with Naim pre/amp?)
Did you like it?Thanks in advance

Hi @Cardoso I’ve never tried, but I’m pretty confident that this will sound great.

The issue I have, is that when changing the 272 for a NDX2 and 282 is that this implies a considerable outlay … here in The Netherlands, these add up to EUR 13.875 including a HiCap …

Hence my interest in a 272.2 :wink: