Atom start up problem

I have a problem with my Uniti Atom. It does not start up completely, after starting it the power-on button blinks 3 times, pause, 1 time, pause, 4 times, pause, and 1 time, and repeats again. I tried to do a reset by holding play/pause button and the button beneath it and power, I tried to turn it off and leave it for 15 minutes, I restarted my Internet router. Nothing helped.
Please let me know if there is anything else I can try.

Have you tried disconnecting it from the mains for 20 minutes and then reconnecting and powering up?

I’ve had an occasional problem requiring uninstalling and reinstalling the app (nor more than two or three times in a couple of years). You many have already checked the troubleshooting tips on the website, usually helpful - good luck

It’s telling you there is a hardware problem, unfortunately. Sometimes these are a one off event that a hard reset resolves, but it can also be permanent - I suggest getting in contact with Naim support and/or your Naim dealer.
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I forgot to mention it was working normally before, this all happened yesterday when I was trying to set it up on a different network.

I have the same issue. I get two flashes long pause the 4 flashes. First the remote died and does not respond to the “hold it near the unit and press home for 3 seconds” routine. I tried unplugging it. It seems to reboot ok but then blinks out and starts flashing. It is basically an expensive doorstop at this point. I live 1000 miles from the nearest dealer and there appears to be no way to contact Naim.

Have you treed a reset? Failing that, your first port of call here is your supplying dealer. However, in the meantime, have you called or emailed Naim support to see if they can help?

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