Atom to Core

Hi new to all this
I’ve just bought Atom and a Core
Can someone please tell Me what is the best leads ate to buy
For connecting the 2 up please
Many thanks

You need two ethernet cables to connect them to your network. The Atom can be run wireless if you prefer, though cabled should be more reliable.

You can, if you prefer, use a direct connection from Core to Atom with a coax SPDIF cable. There’s probably no point, as both boxes need a network connection, and can find each other over your network once connected, although there may be sound quality differences.
The Atom may be fine with just a WiFi connection, although wired Ethernet is often more reliable. The Core requires wired Ethernet.

Is it me or was it either short-sighted or penny pinching of Naim not to have included two Ethernet ports on the back of the Core so that the streamer could be neatly and easily daisy-chained on to it?

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Why would you do that? Network connections allow multiple devices to connect to each other, and streamers can play music from multiple online and local sources. Why would you want to channel all that data through the Core. It’s not supposed to be a network switch.

If the router/switch is in another room you don’t need to route multiple network cables to the rack or fit an additional switch (with noisy SMPS) close to the rack.

Innuos, Melco etc. all have this feature.

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