Atom tv sound fails all inputs

Atom tv sound not working all inputs. 2017 Samsung HDTV with ARC. Optical, hdmi all sound like a machine gun with very weak audio through my 2 channel setup. I have set tv sound output to pcm and also set it with pcm off, no difference. Streaming and server music are just fine. :man_shrugging:t2:

Have you tried setting the TV to output stereo rather than surround sound?

Thanks, I have only been able to access sound settings as follows: bit stream or PCM.

Try optical to the Atom and set to PCM on the TV. Good luck.

The Atom uses a 2 channel DAC so can’t decode a Multichannel bitstream. Set the tv output to PCM (2 channel).

Also worth turning the power off the TV and the Atom and then turn it on again.

Did this work for you before? Or are you trying to get a new connection to work?



No joy as yet but, my Sonos setup is fine. I really didn’t buy the atom for anything but two channel stereo. I just thought I’d try it out to see if my Focals and REL subs would sound better. Thanks for your input👍🏻

And the answer is?

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