Atom Uniti HDMI - Am i missing somthing

Hi all,

I recently purchased the fantastic Atom Uniti. I have the version with the HDMI and seem to struggle to make it work.


  • Mac Mini 2018 or Dell Laptop
  • HDMI Cable (that works)
  • Atom Uniti firmware:

I basically don’t see the Atom on my Mac Mini (apart from the Airplay one) nor on my Dell. I see also “No Input Signal” on the Uniti Screen. The audio signal on both the Mac Mini or the Laptop keeps working as through the integrated speakers. I also tried to switch off totally (by pressing few secs the power button) the Atom Uniti and restart to see if this would force a connection but still the same issue.

If someone as a brilliant idea feel free,

The HDMI is for the Audio return channel of an ARC equipped TV set. Are you trying to connect from the Mac Mini to the Atom via the HDMI? If so, that won’t work. You’ll need to connect either via TOSLINK optical or through a USB to s/pdif adaptor.


Hey Richard, indeed i was connecting directly the Mac/Dell to the Atom. Will therefore purchase what you said.

Thanks a lot for the quick reply as always.

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