Atom Uniti or ifi zen dac for headphone use

Hi, my first post here. I have managed to get my hands on to some nice gear of late. So I have some Grado 325e headphones. I am trying to determine should i use my Atom to drive them or should I stick to the Ifi zen dac that i have via a laptop? The obvious answer is to listen to both and decide. Anyone got any experience on which solution should be better?

Your ears are the only ones that count. You have all the equipment and all you need to do is try both options. Trust your own judgement. Which sounds best and which do you prefer to use? If the Atom is downstairs and the Zen is upstairs there is no point listening to the Atom if you are upstairs.


Thanks - they are both in the same room (at least most of the time). ‘All the gear and no idea’ sums me up i think :slight_smile:

How important is headphone listening for you compared to using speakers? If you use them a lot, maybe consider selling the lot and getting an Atom HE and some active speakers.

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i would say roughly 50/50. Next step is a head to head between the IFI and the Naim.

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