Atom Uniti Vs NDS XS2

What difference can I expect between the Audio quality of these 2 units. The speakers used are PMC22 and the Atom seems to loose a little clarity while the track (Tidal)gets busy and let’s say Katherine Jenkins is the singer. BTW the internet service is excellent and I have tried both Wired and Wireless connection.


Hi, that’s likely to depend on the amp being partnered with the nd5xs2. Assuming xs3, then better, assuming sn3, then better still.
I suspect what you are hearing is the ability of the atom to control and drive the pmc speakers; a dedicated amp from the classics range would fare better.

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Thanks for the reply…it could be any model as I haven’t purchased yet. But could I ask is it a ‘clean up of the track’ that happens.



I fear you could be right…I feel the 22’s are a little too much for the Atom

The nd5xs2 is a natural partner to the xs3, but not completely outclassed by the sn3. The latter would usually be partnered with the ndx2 but then we’ve increased the budget somewhat. The xs and sn both allow the addition of external power supplies which brings benefits of separation and scale.

Another option might be eg nap200 attached to your atom. That would certainly drive your pmc effortlessly. Consider that as a stepping stone towards 202/200. (Plus napsc for the 202 is a worthwhile upgrade).

There are many mix & match options but it’s a case of careful selection of components and an idea of potential endgame. Atom /200 is not an ideal partnership unless you will later move up to 202. But while you save £ for that upgrade it’s still an improvement.

There are many members here with ndx2 plus supernait 2 or 3 as it’s a very good partnership and it takes a fair £ investment to better it. Pick the right speakers - and pmc are a good match - and that could be all the system you’ll ever need.

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NAP 200 Now that’s an interesting proposition…however I have the opportunity to return the Atom and head straight for separates…too me that sounds the right direction. Thoughts please?

Ask your dealer to arrange a demo of nd5xs2 plus xs3 and you’ll hear the improvement over an atom. Obviously in the current situation demos will not be possible.

I think you have put me on the track of something Robert…many thanks. Phone calls tomorrow me thinks.


Let us know how you get on.

Hi Robert,
You hit the nail right on the head…The Atom is struggling with the PMC 22’s…I am fortunate to have a set of 21’s in the office which I swapped out and played the same track back to back and much better although not perfect. However the 22’s are a much nicer sound all round so I have to get something that plays well with them. So tomorrow the ND5 XS2 and the Super Nait are on the shopping list…Hopefully a better all round solution which gives me the quality I am craving.

Will let you know what happens

Kindest regards

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Don’t dismiss the xs3 in favour of the supernait; you might prefer its balance with the nd5xs2, the sn is really deserving of the ndx2. That’s not compulsory of course and depends what partnership you prefer.

Hi Robert,

I imagine the conversation tomorrow may well guide me…

Thanks again

Will let you know the outcome.

I went from uniti star to nd5xs2 and xs3 - clearly better sounding. Especially now after some c.a 3 months - it all is really rather good. Power, details and fun.

Hi Groove

Thanks for the reply…I may very well be following in your footsteps…just waiting for the dealer to find product.

Johnny as a happy xs3 owner and streamer ditherer I am watching your posts with interest :slightly_smiling_face:
And it’s good to read sensible comments by @robert_h

You dont really want dither while streaming, the solution may lie with a component “ND …” something.

I have my moments! (I should have moved to marketing/tech support)

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If I ever do get a streamer I’ll know where to go

Well boys decision made…
NaitXS 3 Integrated should be here tomorrow along with a New Muso gen 2
ND5 XS2 on back order with the factory should be with me early March.

‘Job Done’ and Many Thanks to Robert.

igahman…You know you want too really…



My eyes are on you :eyes: