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Sorry if duplicate but was wondering if it makes sense to have the Atom Uniti warm while functioning but also while being asleep ? I feel this has something to do with the steaming and the fact it’s connected to WiFi but am not too sure. I am not really concerned while playing audio but a bit more when not playing even after a little while.

Thanks for your inputs

What is warm?

My Star runs just warm enough to feel after hours of streaming. I do use Ethernet, though.

As I have an aquarium in the same room running at 25 degrees C, I’d say a quick touch test would suggest it at around 27/28 or so.

Will need to check in the morning if it stays like that when in sleep.

It seems generally accepted that streaming equipment runs a little warmer than some others.

It’s probably because you have server mode set on your Atom, or because you have a USB stick/HDD or SD card plugged into it. Any of those causes it to largely stay awake even when in standby, which means it will stay warm.



Probably the server mode indeed. We are talking about 30 ish I would say not much more. Is it advised to switch off the server mode ? Or I should not bother and accept the warmish feeling ?

Do you use server mode? It’s there so your Atom can serve other streamers on your network using upnp. If you don’t have any other streamers then you could just turn server mode off.

It doesn’t matter leaving it on and letting the Atom stay warm though. It won’t hurt it and it might actually sound better.



I don’t have other streamers unless google mini are considered as such but that would be a shame to use them anyways.

Thanks David and always delighted to see so quick replies on the naim community. First purchase for me so those count a lot

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I’m always happy to help, as are lots of us regular posters here. Enjoy your Atom!



So far I’ve collected 3 reasons for the new Uniti devices to not switch to the special low-power PSU when going to “network standby”:

  • Server mode.
  • USB or Flash Card plugged in.
  • Certain cases of HDMI connection, when the Uniti “listens to wake up on signal from HDMI”. (This is configurable.)

Any of this eats more power than the pure “I want to wake up on network connection” PSU can deliver. (Irrespective of LAN of WLAN/WiFi.)

If you want to try the difference: long-press on the standby button on the the unit sends it to “deep sleep” (effectively: off). Then it only wakes, when pressing this button again.

Difference is, that you hear a noticeable “click” when entering/leaving the standby, when the PSU is switched. If you don’t hear this, it keeps the main PDU active.

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