Atom Unity Headphone edition problem

My Atom Unity is connected by Airplay to my Mac Mini, wired to the network, and a CD player with digital connection and an external hard disc with USB connection. While listening to a downloaded record (using Audirvana on my Mac Mini) the music stopped. I tried to start playing from the Mac Mini but the player did not respond. I put a disk on the CD player, but the Atom Unity kept silent. I tried to listen to Qobuz through the network - all silent. Only the front panel seemed to function. Finally I reset the Atom Unity to factory settings. After that all worked again. Is this a common problem; software or what?

Before you reset to factory settings did you just restart it?

It sounds like something may have got the logic control’s knickers in a twist. I find with most devices a a hard re-boot (hard switch off. Unplug. Pause. Switch on) usually solves things like this.

I had it happen once but a standard reset worked. Hold power button for 6 seconds until you hear the click.


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