Atom volume control issue

Hi, I’m new here, I’ve just purchased a Uniti Atom, previously had a Quad Vena 2. I’m very pleased with it but do have one niggle with the volume wheel… Mine makes a noise when I turn it, like a faint plasticy rumble. It’s not a deal breaker but wondered if normal or a quality issue?
Any help gratefully received!


Hi Starling,

welcome on board here and Congrats to your Atom purchase.
However: Your issue with the volume wheel is not normal.
Sorry to hear about that.

If I am turning the wheel on mine I definitely here nothing from it.
And I didn’t recognise such a behaviour during my demoing session with the the uniti devices at my dealer.

In my opinion, you should talk to your dealer to get that fixed.


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A little additional question:

Maybe it is sounding a little weird: Did you remove all the protection foils from the wheel?
I just remembered that there were a lot of them to protect the device …

Hi thanks for the speedy reply! I’ll give sevenoaks a call then and see what they say. I pulled off 2 peices of protecive film from the wheel, can’t see any more so looks like I got a duffer, just my luck!

I can confirm that the volume control should have a very smooth movement, there is definitely something wrong there. I’m sure your dealer will be able to sort you out.
The groove surrounding the wheel can be a bit of a dirt trap so it’s worth making sure nothing falls in there that might cause problems later. I have a little dusting brush which is useful for keeping them clean.

It does feel smooth but makes a noise when you turn it a large amount. E.g. with the system off, if you turn the wheel continuously, it makes this plastic friction noise, is that atill abnormal? Thanks

Yes, I think so. Mine has a completely smooth action all the way round. I would take it back to your dealer.

Quick update on this, after a bit of back and to with Sevenoaks, they contacted Naim and discovered there is a bad batch of Atoms with this problem so have agreed to swap out which is good! Unfortunately I’m sans hifi for a while!
Thanks for everyone’s replies :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the update. A bad batch? That sounds a bit annoying to me at this category. I always thought that those mechanical functions are tested after assembly before they are leaving the factory. Hm …

But good that your dealer was helpful and things now are going sorted together with Naim. Now you can look forward to amazing sound AND a seamless volume wheel. :wink:

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