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Hi there! A few days ago I reset my Atom to factory settings and back again because the screen got stuck. I can’t help thinking that before the reset my sort of standard volume indication of ‘40’ ( for a decent listening level) doesn’t amount to the same level of sound pressure through my speakers anymore . I have to go to 55 or more. Not a real problem but I wonder if anyone has experienced the same phenomenon lately ?

There’s a setting max volume accessible via the app. You probably had set this to a lower value before the reset.

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Cheers n-lot! Found it and did an adjustment.

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Could you please explain me the following doubt:
I’ve set the Max Volume on the App at 70 but the main Standard Volume goes higher than that.
When using Atom as a streamer only (connected to an integrated amplifier) I want to set the volume to 70, but the main Volume does not reflect that (probably these are different scales).
Sorry about this, but I’m newbie to Naim equipments.

It is a bit confusing. The max volume is the percentage of what the amp is capable off. i.e. 70 is never go above 70% of capability. The indicator on the screen shows a percentage of that max volume. It will always show 0-100.

So setting the volume to 100 in your case is effectively 70% of capability. Setting it to 50 is 35% (50% of 70).

You can easily test this. Play something at a certain volume, say 35. Then reduce the max volume, and then play it again at that 35 setting. Should now be much quieter.

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Thank you so much for the clear explanation

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