Atom Volume Knob Not Responding

Up until late, i was able to control the volume with the top mounted volume knob whenever i streamed music from my phone to the Atom. However, out of the blue the volume knob stopped responding and I could only adjust the volume using the volume slider on the phone. Does anyone know what the issue might be? The volume knob is working fine when using an ingernal source souch as the internet radio or a external wired connected source such as the CD player. This issue only applies when listening over bluetooth.

Naim Atom volume dial not responding this is a thread from the streaming audio category so its not just you.

Thanks for the insight. Yes, i had a look around the forum and found other users with similar isssues but non focusing on the specific issue related to the bluetooth streaming, hence the new thread, Again, apprecite you response. If anyone has any solution to this, much appreciate your response.

Just tried this using Bluetooth from iPad to my Atom and the rotary dial works OK. Works on iPhone, too. Is your phone Apple?


Yrs, 12 mini.

I contacted Naim Support and the came back with below reply:

”We have noticed that there is a small software bug with the Bluetooth and the volume control.

If you use Bluetooth, and then switch to another input, the volume (dial only) can sometimes become unresponsive. We are aware of this issue, and the fix for this will be coming in a future update, hopefully not too far away.”

The thread to which @dmu referred has also been referenced by me to beta forum members. These posts do cover the same subject, so it might be appropriate to ask @Richard.Dane to merge this thread with the original. The subject is usually used for searches.
As a matter of interest, perhaps you can explain your use of bluetooth with Atom?
Is airplay a viable alternative?
Your model of iPhone and version details would help other peps to compare their experience.

Thanks for all your inputs all, much appreciated.

Previously I had unplugged the Atom’s power cord for about a minute but to no vail. However, as recommended by a member in another post, i this time left it unplugged for a full hour before reconnecting it and that seem to have done the trick. The volume dial is now working as it should do. For how long though, we have to wait to see….

Regarding the possible cause for this, i don’t have much info to share but i’ll pen down what i know/suspect/concluded, in an effort to help others with the same issue…

  • My phone is running IOS 16.2
  • The naim software is the latest as of today 12 Jan 2023
  • i did not try to connect my Mac so i can’t say if it is an IOS or OSX issue.
  • Perhaps the issue lays with Naims latest software does not gel 100% with IOS 16.2.

Regarding the bluetooth thingy, it appears as if automaticlly streams in Airplay once you connect bluetooth so i don’t think you can choose streaming in BT 5.0 or Airplay.

Anyway, i don’t think I have anything more to add in this thread, and since im working up to 14 hrs per day and with 3 kids at home, i will leave it here.

Again, thanks for all members replying :+1:

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