Atom vs Nova as a headphone amp

I am surprised it drives the LCD4 as well as you sayt as it stuggles to bring my Focals alive but thats good for you. I dont have any LCD4 to directly compare but my experiences with my Focals, Meze and AKG is that the RME and Schiit Heresy are my preferred listen. Both have no noise what so ever even at full volume. I find bass has more punch and presence but not unbalanced, they are more rounded presentation with lots fo detail. The Atom is good dont get me wrong but I find it lacklustre compared to the others and I prefer the more neutral presentation that both the dedicted headphone systems give and I spend a lot of time on them as a result. Part of that is the Atom is not located in a place where I can easily use headphones but also when I did first start to use it I would just loose interest. So I decided to try dedicated and not looked back since. If you happy then thats all that matters, we all have different hearing tastes and its a nice one box solution I suppose. Its why I got it, but its for speakers for me, and here it shines.

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