Atom Wifi NO PW setup

Received my new modem yesterday and started to setup my Apple devices and Atom on the new network with a new password. Everything was good with the Apple devices but the Atom setup was weird. The latest version of the app never asked for the new network password, but only for the optional airplay 2 password. I also tried this with the remote but was not successful unlike so many times in the past. Of course I rebooted by unplugging the Naim from the wall, all the stuff recommended here. Also important is that the Apple devices did not share the password with Naim to the best of my knowledge. They always warn you. So long story short the Naim Atom is connected and working fine.
Anyone else had similar experience.

I haven’t any experience of what you describe, but it may be worth saying that with IOS 16 Apple have changed some of the practice relating to WiFi passwords in that you can now see the password of the WiFi network that you are on providing you unlock it (the password that is) with either a fingerprint or face recognition (but not by passcode). I wonder if there are other password handling changes that haven’t been reported much yet, such as what you seem to have experienced.

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Thank you for your reply. Perhaps iOS 16 may have some thing to do with this when using an Apple device to setup. However, what is also strange is that I no longer see the keyboard on Atom screen with the usual manual setup (no iPad) one that I have used multiple times since I bought the unit. I start off with the remote and it searches for the wifi network and when it finds one it kicks me back to the Home Screen.
Maybe I need a factory reset. I don’t want to do one yet as everything is working.
It will be interesting if someone else is experiencing this.

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