Atom with a turntable

Are there any Atom users using their Atom with a turntable through the analogue input?

What phono stage is worth using?

Is there any point using a valve stage as I understand the analogue input gets digitized?

FWIW I have a Nova and am happily using a Rega Fono phono stage

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Hi Kompressor 1

This has come up on other threads (I have the same concerns) but the vinyl users were quite happy using a normal phono stage and my reading of their posts would reassure me. The only way you can check is having it demoed . Many people on this forum would be happy to use Rega Fono.

Best wishes

I used a P6 into a Rega fono into my Atom. The results were ok but I got an itch that had to be scratched so I got an SN2. This was a revelation. I am now awaiting delivery of an ND5SX2 to replace the Atom as a source. The Atom has been excellent but I suggest it does not bring the best out of a P6.



Rega RP3 and Fono into my Nova - very happy with it.

Lots of thumbs up for the Fono, anyone heard the Schiit mani?

Is it worth spending more into the Atom or not?

Same here.

Also using RP6 and Rega Fono into my Atom. Only listen to vinyl occasionally but when I do I really listen. Very happy with results, friends think it sounds fantastic as well. Spirit of Eden sounds amazing. Red 2M cart (could spend more here but don’t feel the need).

You need to home demo to be sure.

I use a rega phono stage with my LP12 into a Star, works great.

Techy 1200 (modded) & Rothwell MM phono. No complaints from me.

IMO everyone looking for a phonostage, should at least consider the Schiit Mani. It’s excellent provided that:

  • You (mainly) use MM (it can do MC, but that’s not where it shines)
  • You don’t suffer from the interference some people report

The latter is something you’ll only know once you have it at home, but at the price you can’t go wrong. You’ll easily sell it on. If you get it, and like it, do consider upgrading the provided switching AC adapter with a linear one though.

I can recommend the youtube reviews/comparisons of HiViNyws with a good pair of headphones for anything vinyl related. He has quite a few shoot-outs with the Schiit Mani.

According to Schiit U.K. site the mani is out of stock due to the fires raging in California which is affecting shipping.

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