Atom with ProAc Tablette 10 speakers

Hi guys - Any views on this. My problem is space and these are quite narrow which is a big help - Cost £1030 with the Signature version costing £1335 (not sure what the extra money is for. Any advice would be appreciated.

The Tablette 10s have been quite popular with a few people on the forum, and IIRC @HiFiman had both the standard and signature versions, so maybe he’ll chime in.

The recommended specs say amps from 5 watts up can drive them - 5 watts might be a bit optimistic, but one would have thought that an Atom should be comfortable.

Provided you can demo them at home first, I’d expect an Atom and a pair of Tab 10s to make a really nice little system.

Hi Jon, I have been using Atom with Tab 10’s for over a year now and it is just a lovely combination. At 10 ohms the Tabs are v easy for the Atom to drive. As you would expect from an LS3/5a re-imagining, vocals and midrange are particularly strong but system is capable of putting out some very decent bass. Overall there is a touch of warmth which I really like. As long as you are not in a massive room the system is also capable of some very impressive sound levels if you want to crank it up - I have lost count of friends and visitors who simply cannot believe that what they are hearing is generated by 3 small boxes! As you say, the sealed boxes allow themselves to be placed closed to a wall with no problem. I have heard the Signatures as well and TBH I am nit sure I can hear £300 difference from standard Tabs. Good luck

Thanks Dave, appreciated. I’ve spoken to someone at Audio Affair in Birmingham who have them in. They seem ideal for the space I have. Thanks again.

Cool. Audio Affair is where I got my first bit of Naim gear, a UnitiQute 2 a few years ago.

Btw, my advice with the speakers is to get the Signature version if you can - the standard ones are no doubt fine speakers, and lots of people seem to like them. And if you can’t afford the sigs, then the standard Tab 10s will be wonderful, I’m sure. But if you’re in a position to get the posh version and you’re umming and aahing and go with the cheaper model, you’ll forever be wondering if you could have had something better. Just get the good thing, and have the satisfaction of knowing that that’s what you’ve got.

Upgradeitis is is real, and it’s best not to give it a potential foothold from the get go!

Wise words. :slightly_smiling_face:

Heh, thanks.

One thing I forgot to say, though, was that it’s perfectly possible that Jon would actually prefer the standard models. So, as ever, auditioning is key.

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