Atom with rel sub

Ive recently got a Rel T-Zero sub so im going to set it up with my Atom. Whats the better connection though? I either have the option of a single sub cable from pre-out to the Rel, i also have a 2 to 1 rca that i could use from both left/right pre-out in the atom into the sub or should i be using the high level input with the Rel by connecting the wire into the banana plugs?

Will one give better bass or cleaner etc? Whats the difference between the 3?

Rel subs are best used with the high level input. The single low level RCA input takes only a mono signal from either the L or R channel, it can’t sum a stereo signal.

The high level connection is best taken from the speaker input terminals rather than the amp output due to the design of Naim power amps. This means splitting the outer steath of the supplied cable so that it can reach the two speakers.
Alternatively you can use a purpose designed cable better suited to a Rel/Naim system.

REL make a Bassline Blue cable specifically for Naim amps
I have one on my Supernait 3 to REL 5

I find it hard to imagine that anyone would be prepared to spend as much on the cable as they did on the sub it connects. I’d be looking at the much cheaper Designacable version myself if I wanted to connect at the amp end.

Designacable are not in the USA, and I got a good discount on my Bassline Blue
I needed something that was known to work, and I have no problem with it - I really did’nt need extra wires trailing from the back of my speakers to the sub.

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