Atom wont hold onto a selected input

I’ve been having a recurring issue over the last month or so. This was happening mostly with Roon, where the Atom would just lose the Roon connection and stop playing. But this morning - it did something it hadn’t done before and makes me think it’s a possible global issue with the Atom itself.

I was playing a record (via the aux input), I went into the kitchen and came back to silence…the disc was still spinning and I could see from the display that it had lost connection to the input I’d selected. I reselected it and was rewarded with more Aphex Twin. It’s not done it since then…but…has anyone else had this issue?? It’s up to date in terms of firmware…

I love the Atom - but it’s not without it’s bugs. The other night it refused to play any sound…I had to unplug and replug back in to get it to fully reboot and start playing stuff.

Any help would be great!

Your symptoms may be the issue of the current firmware version. If you look at other threads you will see that there are many who are having problems.
Apparently Naim are in the process of working on a fix.
Are you on 3.2 firmware?

I have had it with Roon a few times since the last firmware but not on any other input, but then I only use the analogue in from my AV Amps pre.

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