Attaching Rel t5i to Naim Nait 5si

I am new to the forum and have just purchased my first name product, namely (boom,boom!) this amplifier.
How do I connect the Rel sub given that the best connection is the neutrik connection on the sub and using the speakers’ binding posts when the Naim amp only has banana sockets?

On a NAIT 5Si you want to take the high level feed from the terminals on the back of the speakers. Connecting straight off the amp can cause problems with noise and poor amp performance - A couple of threads in the past here where members had issues with a NAIT 5i and a REL sub. Turned out that connecting from the speaker end solved the problem.

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Sorry I’m really not following you. I don’t have the amp or the sub yet but can you explain a little more. The neutrik cable has three wires does it not?

Yes, it may be easiest to get a dedicated cable made up to make it easier to connect from a pair of spaced speakers. No need to spend on expensive cable here - it’s just taking a reference signal so relatively thin and inexpensive is fine (at Naim with the Naim n-Sub we used Chord Leyline). Alternatively you could spilt the supplied cable as others have done, but it still may not give you enough length here.

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