Attaic Find - NA-SL2 PXO

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I have what I suppose is best described as an attic find. My daughter has recently moved into a house and in the attic I discover a shipping box from 2003 with the reference NA-SL2 PXO 192418
The two modules inside are still in their plastic bags. There is even a sealed plastic bag containing screws etc.
On the back of each of the circuit boards are the following
S12pxoR1 ED402004 200R1 PX9 there is also a small sticker showing the same serial number as per the outer 192418. I have done very little research as to what they are, I presume they maybe a crossovers.

So what do I do with them now?

A well known auction site is your friend :grin:

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You could ask your daughter if she would like to contact the previous owner of the house and find out if they still want them.

Who wants them anyhow: active is the way to go :slight_smile:

If you’re unable to contact the previous owner then you could try contacting one of the Naim dealers who specialise in selling old Naim kit. I’m sure they would make you a fair offer. Donate any proceeds to charity.


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RNLI/ Cancer Research must be quids in by now :wink:

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