Audacity concerns - any validity?

Not used it for ages.

I don’t think so. The statements they added seem to just clarify what is reality anyways, and telemetry is opt-in, rather benign, quite common, and understandable IMHO. In any case, only Linux users get to complain about telemetry in the first place.


I used it to great success when I ripped my vinyl, 12 years or so ago. No problems, but I haven’t had cause to use it since…

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I used it a lot over last year for merging together individual tracks from members of the Folk Group I am in, which they make via their phones. Quality is quite amazing considering they are just using a phone component that probably doesn’t cost much at all.

Thankfully this change comes in next version, so well worthwhile downloading current 3.0.2 while you can. Its what I have done, and see how the dust settles.

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