Audio drop outs on ripped files

Fingers crossed laurnecejames, I hope the replacement solves the issues. Has Naim offered you any other solutions?

No other solutions have been offered, they have even stopped replacing the Uniti Star now that I am on my 3rd unit, so I guess that this means all Stars have the fault.

Innuos mini and a xs3 or supernait might be far less problematic. I don’t know what the comparative costs are but both excellent. My innuos mini has been brilliant and a pairing like this might be more flexible in the long run

Hi Laurence
No this is my 3rd. Duncan has offered me a full refund but that won’t work for me as I’ve sold all my other gear, and to be fair my wife loves the one box minimalist concept, especially after I replaced my speakers with ones twice the size :flushed:
I love the Naim sound but just don’t want to go through the rigmarole of auditioning new kit. The Star on paper is a fantastic concept, with one caveat the CD ripping side is flawed.
It’s not a new issue and it’s getting tiresome being promised a software update as this promise has been going on for a while now according to this forum.

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You are very lucky. Been waiting 2.5 years for this to be solved and would have jumped at any moment if a refund was offered.

[EDIT] Ok this has inspired me to gather the strength to again see what can be done in my situation. Just sent a mail to my dealer to see where to start. Luckily I still have an email of Feb 2020 where I reported this in writing and not just in a telephone call. So let’s see.

I am also in a difficult situation. I have waited 2.5 years and during that time inflation and the purchase of a QB2 on the strength of an imminent 3.81 solution means cash refunds at this point are very devalued unless they happen inline with the current retail price of the Star and QB2.

Hi Kryptos
I understand that a refund cannot be refused if the company has been given adequate opportunity to remedy the situation, see the consumer rights site. I quote from them - “You only have to allow the trader one attempt at repairing or replacing the goods. If a repair or replacement is unsuccessful, you could then exercise your final right to reject which would consist of having the goods returned for a refund. The trader may deduct for usage taking into account the amount of time you’ve had possession of the goods. Alternatively you may choose to keep the goods and negotiate a price reduction with the trader to compensate for breach. Any refund should be provided within 14 days of the refund being agreed and via the same payment method.”

Thanks for the info.

I am not in the UK so will need to see what applies where.

But aside from that there is this that will probably get us early adopters:

The problem, of course, was that at that stage the issue was not as widely known and recognized. So you kinda had to keep the unit as it would be fixed in the next firmware release which became the next and the next and the next. And before you know it its over 2 years later, the key feature that sets the Star aside from the other Uniti boxes is still broken and you will surely not get a full refund or replacement anymore.

I am generally very happy with my Naim products and I will recommend the Atom HE any day of the week without reserve. But with the Star it is different. Despite its performance everywhere else every time I see it I regret not having bought a Nova instead. Basically have all of the reduced performance between the two with none of the benefits one should have in owning a Star :man_shrugging:

I initially auditioned the Atom and loved it but because of 2000+ CD’s I up the budget to go for the Star. Two weeks into ripping I noticed the issue and reported it to Naim and copied in my AudioT dealer in Oxford. He actually was not aware of the issue even though Naim came back with the usual blurb. I decided to send back the Star and increase the budget again to the Nova Plus the recommended Audiolab Transport 6000CDT. Three months later I am still a happy bunny with the sound but I did add a Rel T/7x to the LS50 Metas. The bank is now empty !!