Audio drop outs on ripped files

Were you using the correct FLAC compression setting in DBPowerAmp?

I used to own a Star and had the same issues with gaps.

I have been busy reripping my CD’s with DBPowerAmp, but to WAV.

I am unable to detect any difference between the Naim rips and that from DBPowerAmp.

What you are suggesting would mean that there is a difference in the bits recorded with possibly DSP in the conversion chain or, if your FLAC compression setting was wrong, lossy encoding.

This is definitely not the case in my experience with the software.

If dbPowerAmp rips sound inferior then there must indeed be something wrong.

We’ve ripped all our CDs to FLAC with dbPowerAmp and accuRip confirms all the rips are bit accurate. There is no DSP in the conversion chain, we just do basic rips. It’s pretty much the default dbPowerAmp setup we use I believe, FLAC compression level 5 etc.

The rips sound fabulous via NDX2. Also sound excellent via old SuperUniti, and via mobile devices (iPad, phones) which we sometimes use around the house.

We used to have Asset transcoding to WAV but now NDX2 is primary source we serve everything “as is”.

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Could there be a volume difference between the rips. It was an old hi-fi trick to give the volume a nudge to make it sound better in a comparison. If you play the dBpoweramp rips with a slightly increased volume does it resolve the problem?

I ripped all my CDs to flac with standards settings and no issues.

Thank you all for further responses. Listening volume levels were similar. I’ve checked the DBPA settings as suggested and they are the pretty standard FLAC lossless settings at the recommended 5. No errors reported and accurate rips according to the software. The drive was calibrated. I then tried WAV instead to rule out any compression issues but no better. I then tried using an external optical drive that I bought for partner’s Laptop rather than the integral Asus Desktop drive. Interestingly the WAV rip did sound better - settings as per source and accurate confidence 26. This appears to be contrary to previous advice that the drive doesn’t matter for ripping. However it’s still some way off the Star rips.

I suppose I could buy a more expensive drive to rip with but a bit reluctant if it’s not going to make any difference. I am also puzzled why anybody would purchase a ripper at all if a simple computer drive and storage with DBPA software should sound just as good? Memory cards or pen drives are relatively cheap and easy to copy.

I accept that I could edit all rips but it seems very laborious.

Forum member’s responses are much appreciated. I remain frustrated and somewhat stumped!

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I’m losing the one box functionality and ripping via my Mac. I still want to listen to CD’s as a media sometimes hence the CT6000. P’s my wife off but hey I put up with her handbag and shoe collection :joy:
I have PMC Twenty 5 24i’s and the only good match Uniti wise is the Nova.
I also don’t trust Naim’s ripping software, in fact I don’t trust any of their software to be honest.
As I’ve gone down the Uniti rabbit hole I’ll have to stick with it for the time being but I can see me changing platforms completely in the not too distant future.

I’m with Kryptos and IainO, you shouldn’t hear a difference apart from no drop outs. Have you tried WAV’s, bigger file sizes but storage is cheap?

The Star has an £80 TEAC drive

Two defective units in a row?

My second Uniti Star was personally delivered by my dealer today to replace the first one which suffered from skips while playing back ripped CD’s. On unit #1, virtually EVERY single CD ripped onto my brand new Samsung 1TB external drive had a skip (split second skips, sometimes one or two on a CD; sometimes more).

I just set up the #2 replacement unit and ripped my first CD to DISCOVER THE VERY SAME ISSUE occurring on the first CD I ripped and played back.

On #1 the first unit—I formatted the external drive this way: HFS+ and Flac.
On #2 the second unit—I formatted the external drive this way: NTFS and WAV.

The Naim defect persists.

Dealer has been informed and was very responsive (replied to my email after hours this evening). Has asked and I’ll agree to attempt one or two more more rips.

At this point, my confidence and satisfaction with the Naim Uniti Star is near rock bottom. What’s more—I am STUNNED that reports of this issue go back one year and more and the problem appears to still be present.

It seems likely at this stage that it’s a fundamental issue that cannot be resolved. Naim really should pull them and rethink.
Get your money back and get something open source. You really dont need a naim badge to serve music files.

Yes, the “skip” defect occurred both when I tried ripping in FLAC and WAV modes.

Hi Jeffwedge, stunned is not the word that I would use to describe my thoughts. Did your dealer warn you of this known fault before you bought it? if not ask them why. I think that they should not continue to sell the Star without at least a warning customers concerning the known faults.

LaurenceJames, No the dealer did not warn me that the Uniti Star had this track record of defective performance around the ripping / playback function. In face, the dealer sales rep said he recently purchased one for himself…and was going to scrutinize it now since he’d not done much ripping yet.

Hi Jeffwedge, It is unbelievable that a dealer did not know of a “known fault”! Are Naim not informing their dealers?
However on a more positive front, today I had another update from Naim via my local dealer and a fix is apparently “imminent”, we can only hope that this is in fact the case as an actual date was not given.

For anyone interested, this is from the parallel thread:

Well, from March … :slight_smile:

Hi Suedkiez, I am unsure as to Naim’s understanding of the term “imminent”. I would have thought a matter of days but we are now approaching two and a half weeks since the the “imminent” update to fix the audio drops was announced. March would not surprise me, November would!

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I am drawn back to this thread although I don’t have a Star just because of the sheer weirdness of it. Good luck!