Audio Esoterica , Robert Harley system

Impressive system. The look may not be for everyone, specially the Wadax digital source.
But it’s interesting to listen and see how it works, all the technical specs.

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Sound expensive.
The Wadax stuff are $64,900 in the US.
CH Pre are $132000, amp is $198000Rack is $30000 for a three shelf rack…

I guess it is good.

Good grief! Considering how much they expect folk to fork out, is it too much to ask the people who design this stuff to at least make it look nice?

Luxman, Technics and Linn, among others, seem to manage it…

The 3 boxes Wadax ( dac, streamer, server) are 220 k dollars.

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Thanks Rooster, very interesting reportage :+1:

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I liked the design of the turntable. A beauty in my eyes. And it’s amazing to see when it sucks the lp when the air pump is activated.

I love Hifi and have spent a fair amount of money on it.
But, I still think Harley’s setup is a bit much…

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He has certainly very deep pockets. Someone who can buy a private island.
Can’t say what would be my system with unlimited funds capabilities.
This system lacks some tubes gear for me. And Wilson speakers, no no.

I think it depends what your goal is. If you go to concerts and like live music (with all its natural vices in sound terms), you can never reproduce this in a domestic setting. It seems to me set-ups like that which Harley has veer towards the analytical e.g. like Chord/Linn and others. Like you (it seems?), I’m not a fan of Wilson 'speakers, as these play quite dry IMHO and lack a certain something for my taste.


:+1: The word dull fits well IMO

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