Audio Racks besides Fraim

Title says it all. Besides the Fraim’s full and lite, what do folks like?

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Isoblue works well for me. Hutter are good too, if you can find them.

I’m a fan of Quadraspire.

For my humble system I went with a humble Quardraspire…

:small_blue_diamond:Mana Acoustic,.By far the best you can have under an LP12,.preferably their wall shelf.

Stay safe…

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Hifi racks uk.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I remember that someone has a rack that kind of looked like a Fraim but isn’t. It had sort of flat wood front pieces. Looked really nice.

Sounds like Simraks.

Yup Simracks it is. With no distribution in the US, rats! Can anyone corroborate that the depth of the Fraimlite shelfs is 340mm? I have tried looking and I’m thinking I maybe wrong

An Italian made rack : Solidsteel S3 serie (a model S3-3 for me).

4 vertical tubes are aluminium & filled with an “acoustic” material from factory.
Boards are in wood (MDF), painted. My S3-3 model weight 22 kg.


I know a Swedish-origin Dutch-headquartered manufacturer.
Only downside is that you have to assemble the rack yourself, but drawings are more self explanatory than those of Salisbury.

Is that an Ikea chopping board in the middle? What separates it from th shelf underneath?

I have both Quadraspire and HiFi Racks . The Quadraspire is from when they were “decoupled” I understand that no longer applies.

Out of the 2 much prefer the HiFi Racks from an aesthetics point of view . I bought myself some Harbeth P3ESR and HiFI Racks offered a dedicated stand .

So when I wanted a small stand for my AV system I opted for a HiFi Racks IMG_0498

So here are the speakers on a Hifi Racks stand and the audio system on Quadraspire.

I should also say I found the HiFi Racks far easier to assemble , though I would probably use an isolation platform for the turntable if I were using on the AV system frame for HiFi

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Custom Design Milan Reference 10. Good choice of finishes and made to order from sustainable wood sources. Modular so can easily be built on if needed.


Mana - under the speakers too.

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Atacama Eris.

I’m sure that Fraim/lite is better but at this moment it’s more than I’m willing to spend (and would need two racks anyway).

Eris is visually acceptable and allows a reasonable degree of isolation between each component.

Hutter Racktime.

Over the years have tried Isoblue, mid tier Quadraspire and Milan 10 Custom Design aside from the two Naim racks. Always loved the look of the low stacks created by Isoblue but found the Custom Design to be the best of the three in terms of isolation and price. However, I would happy using any of them. I am currently using a solid wood 19" x 60" 2" thick board with Isoacoustic feet for the time being. It is an experiment.

If I didn’t have Fraim, I’d buy a Simrak Equipment Rack. I heard my system on one and it sounded superb and looked top notch. If I had the option to swap then I would do it.


Harmonic Resolution Systems, in case you think Fraim is underpriced.