Audio schizophrenia

I listen to music in two places at home - my lounge and my garden room. Now retired I am retracing old steps in the shape of British monitors of the eighties which are in the garden room with a Nova. They are, in my opinion, a real bargain. I have a pair of Mark 1 Kans, Royd Edens and I have just bought Tab Sigs as they are inspired by the LS3/5A. I have Titan 808s in the living room wired to a 500 system. The monitors have fantastic immediacy and vocals feel direct and forward but, obviously, bass light contrasted with the Titans. It has had the odd effect that the Titans sound a bit recessed and boomy, to the point I have checked the connectors and am trying KS-1 cables in place of the super luminas I have had for a couple of years. I suspect my brain/hearing has trouble adjusting to the different environments. Does anyone have experience of this? I am thinking of getting speakers with lighter bass than the Titans - Shahininians perhaps? The living room requires the speakers be close to the wall and one in the corner

Putting a system together is a creative process. Like any creative process, the more you can have a dialogue with it the better.

I wouldn’t do anything for a while. Just as your ears have adjusted to the big system in your living room, you may find they adjust to the different signatures of your two systems and to switching between them. So perhaps wait a few months? If it’s still annoying you then, that might be the time to contact a dealer.

I also have two systems. Generally, I much prefer the lounge setup, but it is very revealing, perhaps too much for some poorly recorded material and for that I often choose to listen to the Atom/Iotas in my office. Horses for courses, I guess.


I second the recommendation not to do anything, at least for now. I sometimes find my Qb to be more enjoyable than my main system and then I’ll put a record on the main system and wow. Just try and enjoy the music.


I think you are right. I have just spent about an hour in the living room listening to Thelonius Monk at Carnegie Hall. The love’s coming back! The warmth, the fullness… I was about to phone a dealer but glad I didn’t. The KS-1 does sound different and, so far, in a good way. What a bargain for cables! Thanks for the advice

Thank you

…. The other thing to factor in is my deteriorating/deteriorated hearing. I am 64 with the par-for-the-course higher frequency hearing loss. I suspect that my hearing benefits from the profile [less bass, more forward] of small monitors. The Titans’ sound is more complex, broader spectrum and more for the ears and brain to process. Put another, simpler, way - the monitors are simpler

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The last sentence in your opening post make me wonder…

Hi Pump,

I use a pair of Chinese Sound Audio ‘LS3/5a’ in my nearfield system. The quality of the electronics is not inspiring and the box is MDF, but the speakers are very good for the money. Like you I love the comparison of listening via this system & my main system. Overall the main system floats my boat that bit more, but they have different strengths and weaknesses that I thoroughly enjoy.

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